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how good are you?
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How good are you at picking who will win every week?
NFL Picks Community

This is a community for those of us who like to pick NFL games, talk about NFL games, or just tell everyone how good your team is.
The Rules

Every week there will be a poll posted for all members to pick who they think will win the next weekend in the NFL (regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl), stats will be kept to determine everyone's winning pick percentage, and the person with the best record at the end of the season gets bragging rights and maybe even a prize.

Don't freak out if you miss a week of making picks, it happens to us all! You can miss up to 5 weeks of picking and still be eligible for the prize at the end (that also means that people can join us all the way until the 5th week and still be eligible!), so don't forget to tell your friends!

This season (starting in September and running until February 2009) the winner has the right to recieve 6 months of paid livejournal account time if they so choose, plus any other prizes that other members are willing to put up themselves.

So if you think you're good enough to win, or even if you just want to hang out and brag about your team, come on in and join!

Also - members please feel free to post about any fantasy football leagues you may be starting this season, I'm sure it would be a lot of fun for us all to join.